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Year 12 homework w/c 25th Sept.

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Cadences (for this FRIDAY 29th)
Please complete the cadences on page 12 (C2). There is a workshop on FRIDAY at 12.30 if you are struggling.

Composition for next TUESDAY (3rd October)
Please write either a slow (crotchet = 60 or slower) or a fast (crotchet = 120 or faster) melody following the instructions below:

  • Create a rhythmic idea of no more than five durations
    • You might want to think of a shape as well (is your melody going up or down for each note)
    • Decide on a time signature
  • Decide on an instrument (ranges etc. at the bottom of this page)
  • Choose an overall pitch and dynamic contour for your melody where is it going to go high/low, loud/quiet?
  • Bars 1-2: turn your rhythm into a two-bar melody (make sure you add articulations and dynamics at this stage)
    • check the range and qualities of your chosen instrument
    • decide on the key of your melody (the first note should fit with the tonic)
  • Bars 3-4: sequence your melody (move it up or down one or more steps)
  • Bars 5-6: start the same as bars 1 and 3 but move off onto a new idea
  • Bars 7-8: Continue from bar 6 and finish the melody so that the last two notes are either 2-1 of the scale or 7-8 and so could be harmonised by a perfect cadence.

You then need to put it on Sibelius. Make sure you set up the time signature, key and tempo (there is some help with putting in articulation etc. HERE).

Composition from Friday

Complete the texture exercise E2 on paper and then transfer onto Sibelius. You must finish the first line, you need not finish the second line if it takes you a long time. You will have a short amount of time to polish and submit at the end of Tuesday’s lesson.

Sibelius file is on Moodle. Please save to your H drive and I will show you how to submit on Tuesday.

Please keep it REALLY SIMPLE. Just oom-cha-cha-cha in the accompaniment bearing in mind the spacing and voice-leading we have been starting work on.

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