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Year 12 Homework w/c 11th September

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Starting Points HW2 (set Friday for TUESDAY 19th)

Do exercise B2 on the separate sheet of paper provided (Exercise B2). Please carefully note the following:

  1. All the notes must either be part of chord or if they are dissonances they must be standard embellishments as listed here and they must be labelled
  2. The second bar should be the same as the first other than any adaptations needed for it to fit with the new harmony
  3. You must include dynamics and articulation


Starting Points HW1 (set Wed/Thur for hand-in on FRIDAY)

Please complete all the exercises on the first FOUR pages of the starting points booklet (A1-A4). If you are struggling you must come to the workshop on Thursday at 11:25 in the Music Classroom rather than come on Friday having not completed the work.

Help on chords and inversions, figured bass can be found on this website by clicking on the links


Exercise A1 – in the second line of this you need to raise the seventh note of the scale (e.g. the G# below the tonic of A in the example completed for you)

Exercise A2 – done in class

Exercise A3 – shuffle the notes round so you get a triad in root position and all the notes as close together in a stack of thirds. Then look at the bottom note an work out which note of the scale it is so you can work out the Roman Numeral (1st note = I, 5th = V etc.)

Exercise A4 – this is slightly different. You need to work out the chord in root position first and the root will tell you the major or minor key – check the key signature to check you are correct.


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