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Year 12 Homework w/c 30th January

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DUE: Friday 10th February (all students will have a one-to-one over the next two weeks)

Complete your Allegro sonata form movement to at least the following specification. It should all be appropriate orchestrated. Please label each section clearly with post-its


  • First subject (in tonic)
  • Tonic filler (continuing straight on)
  • Transition (pivot chord to dominant ending on V OF the dominant)
  • Second subject (as first subject but adapted)
  • Codetta (we will look at these on Monday 6th so wait until then to start this)

Should at least do the following but may be expanded:

  • Start in dominant
  • Move to one of the relative minors
  • Circle of fifths
  • Dominant pedal of home key

Recapitulation (you should past in the first subject but it is up to you whether you go any further than this)

Extensions: you may rework the second subject to include in the recapitulation, finish the piece off with a coda, start with a slow introduction.

Not yet set

Not yet set

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