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Year 12 Homework w/c 9th January

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  1. Please make corrections to your Allegro tonic filler and resubmit in the original submission. Add a new file and don’t delete your old one so I can easily tell that you have done it. Please add ‘corrected’ to the end of the file name.
  2. Write a 16-bar theme (ending on I at the beginning of the 17th bar) for string quartet in the same key, time signature and tempo as your last homework. It needs to be as follows:
    • 4-bar theme (include simple, triadic and scalic ideas which will work well for development)
    • 4-bar idea that ends on I-V imperfect cadence
    • Exact repeat of 4-bar theme
    • Adapt bars 5-8 so that they end on a PERFECT cadence (use ii6 or a cadential 6/4 as well). The perfect cadence will land on the beginning of the next bar (bar 17)
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