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Year 12 Homework w/c 5th December

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Composition (due on Thursday 15th December)

Write a passage of 16 bars or more in a fast 4/4 (or 2/2 like the Haydn) as follows:

  • Uses strings, flutes, oboes, horns and timps
  • In G, D or A major
  • Use phrases that are multiples of 2 bars
  • No more than one or two chords per bar (depending on speed)
  • Lands regularly on I
  • Melody is made up of scales, arpeggios, auxiliary notes and repeated notes only
  • Finishes with a ii-V-I cadence

The passage MUST include:

  • a tonic pedal (Use some of I , ii, IV, V7 and vii over it)
  • some parallel thirds and/or sixths
  • some octave unison

You can use other ideas but they must be taken from the models provided (in the Allegro folder above)

Performance (due Monday 12th December)

Write your reflection on the second page of the document (in the folder in the last topic on Moodle) and upload it onto Moodle. There is no need to complete your programme at this stage.

Notes (due for first day of new term on Moodle)

Download the “Notes on Development of Symphony Template” from Moodle and fill it in as follows:

In the General Notes add brief notes under the following separate headings (you can use homeworks, notes, readings on Moodle and internet research to help you)

  • Minuet (characteristics and how it developed into Scherzo)
  • Development of the Orchestra (Corelli, Stamitz, Haydn, Beethoven and later Romantic – you can use Minuets we have studied as examples)
  • Humour in Haydn (adapt your essay into bullet pointed notes)

You should also make brief notes on the following composers in the Composer Notes tables:Stamitz, Filtz, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky

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