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Year 12 Homework w/c 26th September

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For Monday 3rd October
Please finish Exercise D2 in the Starting Points hand book to hand in during the lesson on Monday. Workshop at 12.00 on Friday for those who want some help.

For Tuesday 4th October (4pm)
Complete a melody using the steps outlined in Exercise H1/2 in the Starting Points Handbook. The melody should fit the following criteria AS WELL as following the instructions in the Handbook (here is a step by step sheet to help you if you want):

  1. Presented on Sibelius
  2. 12-16 bars long
  3. ABA form
  4. Written for a specific instrument
  5. Using Dynamics and Articulation (Sibelius shortcuts – will help you put dynamics etc. in)
  6. Can be slow or fast but NOT mm. 100!
  7. It should end on the tonic note of the key.
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