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Year 13 Homework w/c 26th September

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B Group
(for Friday 30th)
D Group: (for Monday 3rd)

  1. Go through the Edexcel notes on Moodle and annotate the score with features
  2. Use the following to help you make a list of features that would be relevant to a question about  how Auric’s music relates to the Les Six:
    • Accessible, simple melodies (opening)
    • Harmony is basically diatonic and functional but spiced up with chromaticisms and added notes (21-25; 49-50; 64-65)
    • Surprising harmonic shifts (9, 43)
    • Rapid shifts in texture/orchestration
    • Sparkling orchestration
    • Humour / flippancy / comic exaggeration etc.

Instrumental (Due Wednesday B / Thursday D)
Write an essay comparing Corelli and Sweelinck in terms of melody and rhythm. You will need to make 24 points (6 per piece per parameter) to have a chance of getting near full marks. Please write a brief introduction and conclusion as well.

Continue your composition work and submit (B group Tuesday 4.00 / D Group Wednesday 4.00)

B Group
(for Friday 7th): Please finish Worksheet 4 (worksheets available here)

D Group (for Monday 3rd): Please finish Worksheet 3 (worksheets available here)

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