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Preparing for the exam …

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Listening to the music with heavily annotated scores is the best form of revision both for Question 1 and also for Question 3 – scores should be annotated from your revision notes AND those on Moodle (particularly in the case of vocal works, which are not in the main revision booklet).

You need to make sure you have learnt thoroughly the following:

For Question 3 …

  • Standard comparison questions (and regularly reviewed answers to them)
  • The content needed for Context questions (including making sure you are ready for variants of the Tippett and Webern questions)
  • Basic facts about all the pieces (keys, metre, structure etc.)

For Question 5 …

  • Cadence fingerprints
  • Method for completing harmony
  • Double SLAP

For Question 4 …

  • Standard embellishments
  • Different types of chords and cadences


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