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Easter Homework A2

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Create a revision timetable using the EXAM Countdown 2016 A2 to help plan effectively what you do where.

Complete the 2011 chorale given out in class (and any others you fancy from Moodle). Please make this the best you have ever done, checking and rechecking to practice your fault finding and fixing skills. Most common problems in 2012 chorale:

  • accidentals
  • repeated bass note
  • augmented seconds
  • spacing
  • confusion over when and when NOT to add a passing seventh at the cadence

Find problems and solutions, shuffling things around until they work. IF you can’t make a passage work, try different chords, keys and fingerprints.

Applied and Listening

  • Please read articles 04, 05 and 06 on Keegan in the relevant Moodle folder and make appropriate annotations on your score.
  • Make sure all other scores are annotated and up to date
  • Use the resources under 6a Listening on Moodle to keep your  skills sharp – plenty of exercises with mark schemes
  • Feel free t0 do practice essays – I am always happy to mark them. There are titles on Moodle in the Applied section


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