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AS Music Homework – Group BD – w/c 5th October

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Composition (TAP)
Complete the ‘On D’ exercise, which needs to be completed by the end of FRIDAY (if you have Sibelius at home, before Sunday evening)

Starting Points
The string quartet composition task needs to be finished and submitted on Moodle by the end of WEDNESDAY please (or by the end of my workshop on Wednesday)

1. Complete the Instrumental Music Summary sheet using some web-based research and any resources on Moodle (there are folders for each set work on the AS Moodle). This is for Wednesday 14th October

2. Write a short essay comparing the Haydn and the Webern in terms of their texture. Use the essay planner that we looked at in class to structure your essay as follows: This is for Wednesday 21st October

  • a short introduction saying when the pieces were written and by whom
  • one short paragraph for each comparison question (but these should make sense on their own rather than being literal answers to the questions)
  • a short conclusion making a general between the texture in these two pieces (e.g. they are quite similar but or “they are very different but …”)
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