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A2 Homework – w/c 28th September

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Finish the Water/Magic brief by this Wednesday. Start thinking about what brief to do for your Unit 5

Please copy up all notes into your anthologies. It is really important that they are notated in this way as learning what is going on where in the score is vital for success in the exam with blank anthologies.

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Complete Worksheet 4 (find it on this page about half way down under phrase worksheets).
Make sure you follow the method outlined in your handbooks, with primary chords in root position on the LH side of the sheet and changing the bassline etc on the RH side. There is a weekly chorale workshop on Fridays at 12.45 in the music room.
Check for PARALLELS between Soprano and Bass and also please write out the notes for chords, ticking them off as you go along.

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