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A2 (both groups) Homework w/c 8th June

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Group G – Instrumental Set Works

  • Fill in the Pavane and Galliard information sheet and bring it to the next lesson on Thursday.
  • Over the NEXT TWO WEEKS complete independent learning tasks from the Stretch & Challenge menu handed out in class. You must do at least the Appetizer plus either Light Bites and/or ‘For the larger appetite’.

Group F -Instrumental Set Works

As above but Pavane and Galliard work to be handed in next week’s lesson (Tuesday 23rd June)


Choose your brief and main influence and submit the latter (find the pro forma on the A2 Moodle) onto Moodle by the end of Tuesday (for F group) / Monday (for G group)

History and Listening

Read pages 2-7 and 22-5 in the Handbook by Wednesday (F group) / Monday (G group)

Start preparing your presentations in your pairs

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