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AS (F) Homework w/c 19th January

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Unit 3 mocks next week in Instrumental, Vocal and Harmony Lessons 

Instrumental (for Tuesday)

Homework this week will be to revise for the mock – Poulenc and Mozart could both come up.

Learn the Standard Comparison Questions on pp. 17-18 of your Course Handbook for Harmony, Melody, Structure and Texture.Listen to the works with annotated scores and make sure you have revised the context questions.

Vocal (for Wednesday)

Homework is to revise for the mock. All works studied so far could come up.

Work out the keys and cadences at the following points: 2, 4, 18-19, 36-7, 43, 51-52, 56-57

Harmony (for Wednesday)

Please finish p. 30. This will be good revision for this part of the exam, especially if you come to the workshop on Tuesday.

Remember the workshop for this class is on TUESDAY at 1.15

Composition (end of Wednesday)

Not yet set – please see last week.

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