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A2 (A) Homework set w/c 5th January

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In preparation for next week’s lesson, listen to Tippett’s Concerto for Double String Orchestra (on your anthology CD).
Read the Tippett article which can be found on Moodle A2 Instrumental Music area in a folder marked ‘Homework w/c 5 January: Tippett…’. There will be a quiz at the start of next lesson.


Please read “08 Stravinsky Vlad” on Moodle (click here)


Please finish Worksheet 17 (FP6) and Worksheet 21 (FP7) – I will take them in next week. Make sure that you have also done Worksheet 15 in the Fingerprints booklet, which was your Xmas HW.


Please submit your composition on Moodle by the end of TUESDAY for your weekly feedback.

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