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Xmas Homework Year 12

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  • Update your anthologies with notes from Moodle and from comparisons work. I will take in anthologies for inspection on MONDAY 12th for G group and TUESDAY 13th for F Group (NOTE: this is a week later than originally set). You must cover the Mozart, Poulenc, Kinks, Van Morrison, Faure and Tavener.
  • Complete a grid using the Coggles done in class on Structure and Texture in the Mozart and Poulenc (link)
  • Learn the Standard Comparison Questions on pp. 17-18 of your Course Handbook for Harmony, Melody, Structure and Texture. You should also review the answers to these on Coggles/Comparison grids. You will be tested on your ability to remember the questions AND their answers for the Poulenc and Mozart in the first week back.


Find two more pieces that you can take influences and describe in detail specific features of TEXTURE, INSTRUMENTATION or HARMONY that you can steal for your own compositions. You can present this in any way you want but it must be detailed and refer to specific bar numbers.

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