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AS (G) Homework w/c 1st December

Instrumental (for Tuesday)

1. Consolidate your notes and anthology
2. Read the notes on Moodle for the Mozart (1 & 2 in the folder) and annotate your scores
3. Write the following essay, which must have an intro, conclusion and TEN clear points made, preferably in different paragraphs: Identify features of the Mozart that are typical of the Classical style

Remember the workshop for this class is on THURSDAY at 1.15

Vocal (for Monday)

Keep on working on intervals using the resources provided

Harmony (for Friday)

Cadence Worksheet 6 (given out in class but also p. 25 of Workbook)

Remember the workshop for this class is on TUESDAY at 1.15

Composition (end of Wednesday)

Not yet set – see last week