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A2 (D) Homework set w/c 24th November

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Schumann ‘Kinderscenen’: continue the work started in class – for movements 3 and 11 describe the texture and instrumentation features, trying to add to the ‘texture is mdh’ starting point.
Write down your answers on a sheet of paper, not just in your anthology ready for next week’s starter.


  • Read Source 03 in the Moodle on Gabrieli (here). Note down some key features of Venetian music in the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Google and Youtube Sackbutts and Cornetts


Complete Worksheet 13 (remember all chorale worksheets are available on this blog here)

Remember there is a chorale workshop on THURSDAY at 11.30 in C6.


Please submit Sibelius scores and structure planners as usual on Moodle by the end of TUESDAY.

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