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AS (F) Homework w/c 10th November

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Instrumental (for Tuesday)

1. Look at the Mozart Dim Brother beginning and mark the phrases (Mp3 in Moodle folder)

2. Look at the real Mozart equivalent passage (1-22) and mark with brackets in your anthology those bars that are EXTRA compared to the dim brother version

Vocal (for Wednesday)

Ensure your anthologies are up to date.

Harmony (for Wednesday)

Correct second line of p.16 and complete first line of p. 17. All cadences are perfect and in root position. Make sure you write the notes under the stave and tick them off as you use them.

Composition (end of Wednesday)

1. Look at my feedback on your task from last week and see if you can improve your work – the focus particularly is on developing textures and other ideas that you are taking from your influences. Use the Review/Comment facility on Sibelius to label this section (e.g. waterfall).

2. In the Sleeve Notes and Planners section on AS Moodle download the Tracker of Influences Used document and note down any influences you have used in your first sketch

3. Leave some blank bars and then do a new sketch. You must make sure that it draws on influences (particularly texture ones) and note these down in the Tracker.

4. Upload your Sibelius file into the w/c 17th November submission with a comment explaining what you have done and upload your Tracker in the Influences and Planners submission.


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