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AS (F) Homework w/c 20th October

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Instrumental (due Tuesday after Half term)

Essay: Identify features of the Poulenc that are typical of the Neo-Classical Style

1) Read the revision notes on Moodle (1 and 2 in the Poulenc Folder)

2) Review and improve your essay planner sheet

3) Write an essay which makes at least ten points (illustrated with bar numbered references wherever possible). You will need to discuss what is Classical and what is more unexpected (the Neo bit of Neo-Classical)


Make sure that the annotations in your Faure and Van Morrison pieces are up to date and that you are familiar with these works. We will start next half term with a quick review of both your knowledge and annotations.


  1. Decide which brief you are going to do
    • Recommended: The River’s Journey
    • Alternative: Piece based on a mobile ringtone
    • Vocal options – not recommended if you intend to study music at A2
  2. Find at least two pieces on Moodle and two further pieces from which you can take inspiration for your piece and fill in a Composition Initial Influences Tracker
  3. Complete a Structure Planner

All templates can be found in the Sleeve Note and Planning section of the Music AS Moodle, where they should also be submitted.

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