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AS (A) Homework set w/c 3rd March

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AS Performances are THIS WEEK

[This is the group that has IAIN for composition]


I will take your compositions in next week to check progress; make sure you have addressed the issues detailed in the recent feedback.


Essay: “Identify features of the Brahms that are typical of the Romantic era”. You should read through the notes on Moodle first (http://moodle1.kedst.ac.uk/mod/folder/view.php?id=33389) as well as looking through your own notes and annotated anthology. You will be looking to identify features that are typical but also acknowledging some of Brahms’ more conservative instincts (i.e. form and genre, use of counterpoint).


No harmony lesson this week due to the concert. Please make sure I have your yellow books


No homework this week but I recommend that you read your Stravinsky notes and listen through with your score.

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