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AS (D) Homework set w/c 13th January

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[This is the group that has Tom for composition]


This week I will be looking primarily at Variation 1 (or equivalent), which you should ensure is completed. You should also identify one other passage in your piece that you have worked on and for which you need some input or help.


Create mnemonics to help you remember the comparison questions for: Structure, Melody, Texture, Harmony. Pick key words and then create your mnemonics. We will share in the lesson.


Finish Cadence Worksheet 8. There is a workshop in D2 on Monday at 1.15 if you are struggling.

1. Use your Post It notes from the lesson to improve your Anthology and GSMIRTH notes on the Desmond Dekker
2. Answer the Post It question which you created at the end of the lesson
3. Complete your chosen tasks on the Stretch and Challenge menu

N.B. There will be a further check of GSMIRTH and Anthology notes next week

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