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AS (D) Homework set w/c 9th Dec.

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[this is the group that has TOM for composition]

Composition (submit by 1.15 on Wednesday 18th December on Moodle)


  1. Combine your music into ONE Sibelius file
  2. Complete the updated version of the tracker document. For each variation (or section), you need to do the following:
    • Detailed description of the variation in terms of its character
    • Detailed influences – NOT just names of pieces but a description of the feature and where you are using it in your piece
    • You must have at least TEN influences in total
    • A description of what you have done and what you still plan to do


Essay: Compare Structure and Texture in the Holborne and the Debussy.


No homework.


1. Using the PostIt note from class as a reminder, add to your notes on the Schubert in your anthology and GSMIRTH sheet
2. Watch the following clip on YouTube and make notes as appropriate: ‘Schubert der doppelgänger harmonic analysis bars 1 to 33’
3. Complete at least one level of the Stretch and Challenge menu – this will be checked next lesson!

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