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AS (A) Homework set w/c 11th Nov.

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[This is the group that has IAIN for composition]


Finish and submit themes.

Instrumental (for Monday 18th)

Read extracts 2 and 3 on the Holborne in the Source Booklet and make a list of different types of instrumental music in the Renaissance (i.e. a list of different types of pieces and situations in which instruments were used).


Finish Cadence Worksheet 1. Remember to come to the workshop on Monday at 1.15 in the Study room if you need some help.

1. Revise all work on the Howlin Wolf ready for a skeleton score test next week.
2. Update and tidy up your notes in your anthology and GSMIRTH pack ready for a peer-checking exercise next lesson
3. Practise the rhythm guitar pattern on a piano or guitar – get used to alternating between the 1st/5th and 1st/6th

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