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A2 (F) Homework set w/c 21st Oct.

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If you make any additions to your piece during half term please email the latest version to me so I can look at it before next lesson.

Chorale (Wednesday 6th November)

Complete Worksheet 07 (FP3) in Chorale Fingerprints Workbook

Applied (in after half term – Thursday 7th November)

Essay title: “Identify features of Wagner’s prelude to Tristan and Isolde that are particularly innovative”

In your introduction you should make some reference to the more general innovations of Wagner in respect of opera but the main body of the essay should concentrate on the prelude itself. As with all applied essays, we are mainly looking for clearly exemplified features. Don’t forget to discuss orchestration (see worksheet 3 from last week).


Answer the questions on the Debussy worksheet. Be ready to share these. Ext lesson.
Translate the French terms in your anthology (Debussy)

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