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AS (D) Homework set w/c 14th Oct.

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[this is the group that has TOM for composition]

Please submit your revised theme by the end of the college day on TUESDAY 22nd. If you submit it earlier, however, I will give feedback over the weekend.

Please do the following:

1) Respond to any feedback you have from last week

2) Find a texture that you can adapt as the accompaniment for your theme – in the submission comments you must tell me which bars of which piece you are using.

3) Either add some secondary chords (see notes on Moodle) or one or two chromatic chords to make the harmony a bit more interesting.

Instrumental (Thursday 24th)

I am not setting a homework for instrumental this week.


No harmony this week because there is no college on Friday.


Not yet set. See last week.

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