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A2 (G) Homework set w/c 14th Oct.

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Composition (end of college day Monday 21st)

Submit all your work (several different Sibelius files if necessary) and a brief comment explaining what you have done since last week. Remember to submit the work at the end.

Please make some serious progress this week – I shall be comparing what you submit on Monday with what you submitted today.

Chorale (due in Thursday 24th Oct.)

No chorale lesson this week due to open day.

Applied (due in Thursday 24th)

Write an essay on the following title: “Identify features of the prelude to Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde  that help to convey the tension and yearning of the opera’s love story”

You should make sure that you read through your notes from class, in the source book and also the Edexcel notes (available on Moodle). You must please address the central topics that we have covered: 1) Endless melody and Leitmotif; 2) Yearning, unresolved harmonies and 3) the idea of the structure that is ‘one long-articulated impulse’. You need to decide which are more relevant to this particular question, aiming to make ten main points each of which should be illustrated with an example. You must submit a  Submission Sheet with this essay please.


Not yet set – see last week

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