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AS (A) Homework set w/c 30th Sept.

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[This is the group that has IAIN for composition]

Composition (for Wednesday 9th Oct.)

Write a theme of around 12 bars or so that fulfils the following criteria:

  • Based on two or three distinctive motifs (make sure you have a distinctive rhythm)
  • Indication of harmony (at least Roman numerals  or other chord symbols plus bass notes if you want)
  • Indication of tempo, dynamics and articulation
  • Cadence in the key it starts at the end, with perhaps one other cadence in the middle

Instrumental (Monday 7th)

Finish the Instrumental Pieces Summary Sheet. Use the Source Booklet (and if you want the library/internet) to help you.

AND answer comparison question 3 (p. 18 of handbook) for Debussy and Holborne onto your grids


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