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A2 (G) Homework set w/c 23rd Sept.

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Complete a section of your composition and send it to me as a Sibelius file by email before the end of college on Monday 30th please. I will also take in your models paperwork on Tuesday.

Chorale (due in Thursday 3rd Oct.)

Complete Worksheet 05 (FP1) in the Fingerprints Workbook

Applied (due in Thursday 3rd)

Read pp. 58-61 and write a couple of paragraphs describing the Tristan chord in particular and Wagner’s harmony in general

Instrumental (due in Monday 30th)

Complete all of the questions on this worksheet. This MUST be done ready for next lesson. There will be a workshop on Friday at 11.30am in the music room in which we will look at how to identify harmony features; attendance at this workshop is essential if you find any of this work difficult.

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