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AS Composition (w/c 1st July)

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By the end of Friday 5th July (note new deadline) you need to have completed the task below. You have both of next weeks lessons for this task and I would expect you to spend at the least the same amount of time on it outside class. I also want your orchestrated melodies with any improvements you have made emailed to me as well please.

Dramatic task

Write at least 20 bars of music that portrays a dramatic episode in the life of your character or reflecting a state of mind in which they might find themselves. You should email your melody with the accompanying notes in the email body.

  • A fragment of your original melody should be present in the texture at some point
  • You should write a paragraph describe the episode or state of mind and how the music      reflects this
  • You should document how you have used at least two ideas from example introduced in      class.

You will find a list of examples you can use for inspiration along with annotated scores and tracks on Moodle.

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