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Year 12 w/c 22nd February

Also, please make sure you have finished the homework from half term:

Year 12 HW (w/c 25th January)

  • Complete the revision task on Google Classroom ready for the test on Thursday 28th
  • Complete the initial research task for Topic F (Orchestration) on Google Classroom. Due Tuesday 2nd February.
  • Complete your composition corrections and write a codetta (in the dominant). You should transpose it into the tonic for the coda and, if you want to be fancier, extend it. There are some notes on Codas at the bottom of this page There is then some more copying and pasting to make the recap. You need to copy and paste S1 at the end of your composition as it is. You need to rewrite your transition so it does NOT modulate. You then need to copy and paste S1 again to make the transposed S2, which is now the same as S1. A nice little extension would be to change S2 this time round to make the recap of it varied. (due Friday February 5th)

Year 12 Xmas Homework

Development of the Symphony

Complete the reading and research task on First movements (Topic B) on Google Classroom (due first lesson back in January)


Make sure you sort Sibelius at home so you can make your corrections on Project 6 so far in response to the feedback given. Also due in first day back please.

Year 12 homework w/c 7th December

Please do the Virtual Carols ASAP! Thanks


Please complete the compound period and tonic noise started in class and hand in on GC by the end of MONDAY. Just for String Quartet for the moment.

Review of Haydn work

Please complete the review tasks on Google Classroom (available from Thursday evening)

Year 12 Homework w/c 23rd November

Composition (submit on GC by Friday 27th)

Please complete the remaining bars (see booklet for instructions):

1) Augmented sixth in bar onto dominant pedal in bar 15 (already written) 2) Circle of fifths from 10-13 (back in your HOME key). Write the first two bars then sequence exactly – don’t make it any more complicated
3) Write a bar that leads nicely into your circle of fifths in bar 9
4) Rewrite your A section so that it doesn’t modulate (so from the s.d. onwards it is all down a fifth) and put that as the last eight bars

Preparation for assessments (on Thursday 3rd)

  • Complete review tasks on Haydn movement 3 (Revision then Revision Test on Google Classroom)
  • Use your notes to prepare for essay on Topic D (third movements)

Year 12 Homework w/c 16th Nov.

Composition (by Friday)

Correct modulating period AND add the dominant pedal in bars 15-18 (on Classroom)

Review (for Tuesday)

Haydn 104 review task on here on Google Classroom

Symphony Essays review task on here on Google Classroom

Homework w/c 2nd Nov.

Composition (Monday 9th)

Please complete the Minuet Orchestration task on Google Classroom

Haydn 104 (Tuesday 10th)

Please compete the Minuet Review Task.

AoS A Development of Symphony Essay (by lesson on Thursday 11th)

Please do the research task. Read, listen, make some notes then upload them for the four symphonies requested in Topic D

Year 12 Homework w/c 10th October

Composition Project 3 – submitted for checking prior to final entering during class on TUESDAY 20th

See instructions in booklet. You can either adapt/improve your melody from the sentence in Project 1 (or even more heavily adapt Project 2) or you can write something from scratch. Do be sure to follow all the instructions though if you redo Project 1.

NOTE: you have feedback Google Classroom that you need to look at before you start using Project 1 in this project!

Revise for the final Starting Points test next week on Thursday 22nd

Complete the practice questions on Google Classroom:

There are also some quizzes on Moodle (scroll down to Starting Points Quizzes) if you want some extra practice on the basics.

The following topics will be included in the test:

  • Aural identification of chords and cadences
  • Analysing chords and keys
  • Labelling embellishments on a score
  • Analysing phrase structure
  • Writing simple embellishments
  • Harmonising a cadence in four parts

Year 12 Homework w/c 5th October

Composition for next week (due end of Monday)

Complete Composition Project 2 – an 8-bar period. As before please do the melody and cello playing a simple bass parts with chord labels. Please SCAN or SCREENSHOT and submit for review by the end of Monday. We will then input on Tuesday in the lesson.

Starting Points D2

Finish the ii6/5 – V – I exercises we started in class (scan and submit on Classroom)

Composition (ready for the lesson on Thursday)

Using your two-bar melody as the starting point, complete Composition Project 1 (just melody and bass notes in cello part for now). Don’t do anything overcomplicated! There will a short amount of time in class for putting this in Sibelius and submitting it but no more than 15 minutes. I shall come round and check you have brought the work finished to class on paper or on a music publishing tool.

In addition to the instructions in the booklet, please note the following:

  1. Please end the melody on the tonic note on the first beat of the bar
  2. Please end with a PERFECT cadence using the progression studied in class ii6-V-I
  3. Write the melody in the first violin of a string quartet score
  4. In the cello part, just put bass notes AND CHORD LABELS

Texture exercise E5 (for Monday next week)

Please complete – here on Google Classroom (Sibelius file attached to assignment)

Year 12 Homework w/c 28th Sept.

Workshops this week: Monday 11.20 / Wednesday 1.30 (please get in contact if you urgently need a one-to-one)

Work due for next week

 have marked your B2 Final Two-bar melody. Please could you check for feedback and make any suggested changes before Tuesday’s lesson (https://classroom.google.com/c/MTUyMjM1MTg3Mzk0/a/MTgwMTE2NTgwODQx/details)
There is also the cadence homework to finish and upload by Monday please: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTUyMjM1MTg3Mzk0/a/MTgwMTI2NTkxNTk2/details

Mini Test on Thursday covering:

  • Chords and chord labelling
  • Embellishments
  • Simple four-part cadence

Composition (for Thursday to input in lesson)

Final go at B2 two-bar melody:

  • A major
  • 4/4, 2/4 or 6/8
  • Allegro or faster
  • I – V7 (or IV)
  • In Violin I of Quartet Score
  • Roots of chords only in cello plus chord labels

Four-part harmony

Please finish the cadences work we were doing in class (C2i on p.21) and then upload it here.


Decide on your initial performance programme and submit with relevant photocopies by Wednesday 14th October. Form given out in class and here:

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