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Music College Applications

There will be a short meeting about applying to music college onTuesday 8th July at 12.45 in the Music Room. If you are considering an application you MUST come to this meeting or let me know in advance because the application procedure separate from and much earlier than UCAS.

Have a look at the www.cukas.ac.uk website for more info

Explorations in Music

What is Classical Music For?

FRIDAY 8th November 12.50 – 13.10 (common time)

in the Music Room (biscuits provided)


This is the first in a series of mini lectures to amuse, stimulate discussion and to help prepare you for interviews and for university. The idea of which is to introduce some interesting and provocative ideas that you might encounter at University and that go beyond the A level syllabus. If you want to study music at Uni you should come – interviews often give an opportunity to talk more generally about your views on music.


In this lecture I am going to make four different (and contradictory) arguments as to what Classical Music is for and leave you to make up your own minds.


BBC Prom Picks

I was going to pick one prom a week that looked particularly exciting, but the programme for the next seven days is so brilliant that it is hard to know where to start, so I’ve gone for three. Follow the links – all can be heard live on the internet or radio and some are on the television too.

Sunday 14th July, 7.30

A programme of ballet music ending with Stravinsky’s revolutionary Rite of Spring played on instruments that would have been used at the time. Listen for the Bassoon straining in its top register at the beginning! The first half is four ballet excerpts from the Baroque to the late nineteenth century


Tuesday 16th July, 7.00

An old but brilliant warhorse – Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto alongside a new piece by David Matthew’s and the energetic ‘Inextinguishable’ fourth symphony by Nielsen (an early C20 Danish composer of whom I am particularly fond)


Friday 19th July, 10.00

This is an excerpt from Stockhausen’s opera Wednesday from the cycle Licht. The ‘World Parliament’ performed by Birmingham’s Ex Cathedra was the absolute highlight of a performance of this work in Birmingham last  summer. It is totally bonkers but fascinating and there are some gorgeous moment. The rest of the opera (not being done tonight) also involves helicopters and camels …


Last week of term

What is happening this week (some changes to normal timetabled lessons).


TASTER day for year 10 students 9.55-12.00. Any help still gratefully received …

G group – anthology ( 1.15)


F group – anthology (10:00)

G group – final composition lesson with sharing of work over cake (11:30)


CHOIR at 10:00 in the lecture theatre

F group – anthology for both lessons (13.50-14:40)


F group  – final composition lesson with sharing of work over cake (8:45)

Lunchtime concert at 1:00 in the Hall (sing through of choir pieces plus some student items – room for a couple more if anyone is
offering. Do bring your friends if you wish …)