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Year 13 Homework w/c 14th October

  • Transfer your notes on essay topics from your year 12 revision booklet to the new year 13 booklet
  • Revise for a timed essay at the end of next week on EITHER Second or Third movements
  • Complete your work for the Composition Portfolio Submission at the end of next week on Moodle, This needs to be substantial sketches including at least first and second subjects, codetta and some development sketches

Year 12 Homework w/c 14th October


Complete a draft of the Starting Points Final Assessment on Sibelius and submit by the end of Wednesday (earlier if you like). The final submission of this will be Friday.




Make sure you are ready for the test on FRIDAY next week. It will include:

  • Chords and labelling (see here)
  • Keys and modulations
  • Embellishment (see here)
  • Four-part harmonisation of cadences (see in booklet and practice on Moodle)
  • Basic phrase structures (see here)

Year 12 HW w/c 7th October

Composition Task (8-bar sentence – Exercise J3)

DUE: TUESDAY 15th on Moodle by the end of the day

Write an 8-bar phrase in A major on a piano score. The bass stave should be used just to indicate the chords with the melody in the treble stave.

Instruction are on page 37 of the starting points book and HERE on Moodle

Note: I am happy for this to be handed in on paper by the end of the college day on Tuesday if you prefer but I would rather you did it on Sibelius

Year 13 Homework w/c 30th September

Composition Homework (A – Monday; B – Wednesday)

You should be cracking on with sketches. For those doing Sonata form, over the next few weeks, the following should be complete:

  • First subject (tonic)
  • Second subject (dominant)
  • Codetta (dominant – see notes on Moodle)
  • Some sketches for the development in a range of keys and exploring and developing motifs in different textures

Exam work

This week we are looking at SECOND movements. Please review the Haydn and start reviewing Essay topic C.

NEXT week we will look at review the Webern and Ravel Wider listening works. Please make sure you have learnt the points relevant to them.

Year 12 Homework w/c 30th Sept.

Group C (every day group)

Set Monday: Complete C2(i) and C2(ii) by Wednesday

Set Thursday: Complete pages 20-21 by MONDAY

Group G (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Set Tuesday: Complete C2(i) and C2(ii) by Friday

Set Friday: Complete pages 20-21 by MONDAY

Year 12 HW w/c 23rd September

C Group (every day group)

  • Set Monday for TUESDAY: submit your two-bar idea on Moodle by the end of Tuesday 24th. Ensure it has dynamics, articulation and a tempo marking
  • Set Monday for Wednesday: Finish Exercise C1 by the lesson on Wednesday

D Group (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday group)

Homework not yet set.

Year 13 Music HW w/c 16th September

You need to have come up with TWO initial idea (e.g. a first and second subject) for your Composition 1 by the end of

  • Group A MONDAY 23rd
  • Group B WEDNESDAY 25th

Hand in on MOODLE please

AoS E (Twentieth century)
– Look over the work we have done on the Poulenc – we will do review with blank scores so you need to know keys and chords etc.
– Review the Ravel String Quartet wider listening work

Year 12 HW w/c 16th September

Group C
Tuesday (for Wednesday): again write a melody according to the instructions on page 8. If you did not complete Exercise B4 in class, please do so

Monday (for Tuesday): Follow the instructions on page 8 to write a two-bar melody (you are basically doing this)

Group D
Wednesday (for Friday). Write a two-bar idea in 4/4 and A major. The first bar should be chord I and the second bar should be based on the first but adapted so it fits with chord V7. Please include some dynamics and articulation.

Tuesday (for Wednesday): Follow the instructions on page 8 to write a two-bar melody (you are basically doing this)

Year 12 HW w/c 9th September

Group C (every day group)

  • Friday 6th: Please finish Exercise A1 in the Starting Points booklet before the lesson on Monday
  • Monday 9th: Please complete exercise A2i
  • Wednesday 11th: Please complete everything up to the end of page 4

Group D (Tue/Wed/Fri group)
You should have completed everything up to the end of page 4

Welcome Back!

Mock this week


Monday – Musical Theatre, Debussy and C20

Tuesday (double) – Haydn Short Answer, Dictation, Essay

Thursday – Composition and Posters


Tuesday – Musical Theatre, Debussy and C20

Thursday (double) – Haydn Short Answer, Dictation, Essay

Friday – Composition and Posters

Poster Session
Your poster should contain;

  • Very basic biographical summary (including dates and where composer worked)
  • Brief summary of style and key pieces for which the composer is known
  • Key pieces (from Development of Symphony on A level music) with key features
  • Your poster should fit on an A4 sheet and be visually pleasing!
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