Copies of music

Chamber Choir (Evensong and Dyson in Kidderminster)

If ye love my by Tallis: Score / Youtube

Mag and Nunc by Dyson in D: Score / Youtube

Oxley Responses: Score

Choir (Kidderminster)

Verdi: Score / Youtube


Mozart Symphony

We are doing the LAST movement of this (Presto)

Mozart violin_IMozart violino_II / Mozart viola / Mozart cellos and bass

Boyce Symphony

We are doing the FIRST movement of this:

Boyce Violin 1 / Boyce Violin 2 / Boyce Viola / Boyce Cello and Bass

Elgar Serenade

We will probably do the first movement of this at some point:

Elgar_Serenade_Violin_I / Elgar_Serenade_Violin_II / Elgar_Serenade_Viola / Elgar_Serenade_Violoncello / Elgar_Serenade_Contrabasso

Corelli Xmas Concerto

We will do the LAST movement of this in the Carol Concert:

Corelli Violin 1 Solo / Corelli Violin 1 / Corelli Violin 2 Solo / Corelli Violin 2 / Corelli Viola / Corelli Cello Solo / Corelli Cello / Corelli Bass

Wilson String Suite

We will do the first movement of this.

Wilson Violin 1 / Wilson violin2Wilson violaWilson celloWilson bass