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Year 12 Homework w/c 24th April

Composition (upload by the end of Friday – or Saturday if you have Sibelius at home)

For the end of this week:

1)Make improvements as suggested on feedback

2)Add two textures adapted from Basic String Quartet textures (on composition page of alevelmusic.com) OR any WCT examples on Eduqas Moodle

Some general points:

  • Pedals – need dissonances (see notes on composition page)
  • Harmonic sequences (see notes on composition page)
  • Parallel motion and octave unisons can be simpler
  • Diminished seventh voice leading (see notes on composition page)
  • Cadential 6/4 voice-leading
  • Stepwise to cadences

Use the structure exemplar given out in class to write an essay on development of sonata form (see notes on essay practice handout and also your own essay from the exam).

Remember to revise for short answer knowledge tests next WEDNESDAY.

Year 12 Easter Homework

Listening Diary

Please complete a listening diary. It should consist of a table with one side being the name and details of the piece (i.e. composer, date etc.) and the other being some notes about what is important about the piece and anything you noticed or thought about when listening to it. You only need to write rough notes and it can either be handwritten or word-processed. You should listen to around 20 movements taken from a broad selection of the Wider Listening Symphonies and featured Musicals Composers. All music and scores you need are on Moodle.

5-mark practice
Complete at least TWO harmonic analysis practice questions

Essay practice
Complete bullet-pointed notes for at least ONE essay.

You should read through the relevant parts of the study guide – all the composers other than Schwartz and the AoS A notes.

w/c 3rd April

Composition (end of Friday)

There will be a box for printed compositions and logs in the top corridor outside the music room

Not yet set

Year 12 Homework w/c 20th March


Please resubmit your work in progress on Moodle by the end of Friday

Symphony (for Monday 27th in the lesson)

Please write notes for an essay on the following title:

Outline the development of the orchestra in symphonic writing from 1750-1900

You should refer to around 8-10 specific examples and as part of this homework, make sure you listen to the examples that you are talking about on Moodle and you could even look at the scores. All the material is in a folder at the bottom of the AoS A section on the Eduqas Moodle. Although you do not need to write a full essay, you do need to write in sentences and explain how your examples relate to the development that you are discussing.

Year 12 Homework w/c 13th March


Please start one of the Internal Assessment Composing Briefs given out no Monday. Hand in your initial theme for whichever brief you choose by the end of Friday this week (NOTE: don’t worry about the post-assessment tasks for now, I would rather you concentrated on this brief). Longer term deadlines can be found on dates and deadlines page.


Not yet set

Year 12 Homework w/c 6th March

Write an Andante theme based on one of the following structures studied in class

  1. Modulating period (Haydn Surprise Symphony)
    2 bar idea / 2 bar imperfect cadence / repeat of initial idea / 2 bar perfect cadence modulating to dominant
  2. Expanded sentence (Stamitz)
    2 initial idea / 2 bar cadence / 2 bar contrasting idea sequenced / 2 bar cadence (then repeat and modify as Stamitz does – compare to dim brother)

Use the annotated score on Moodle to update your Andante score and make sure you understand it all.


Year 12 Homework w/c 13th February

Please complete preparations for your presentations on Wednesday. I would like a powerpoint from each group please.

Compose two fragments to be handed in by the end of Friday after Half Term (March 3rd)

  • Storm! You must include diminished sevenths, tremolo and plenty of rumbling and flashes in the orchestra. Use the music studied in the lesson to get inspiration – it is all there to listen to on Moodle. Try using some percussion (see this page for help)
  • Love! You must include some heart felt dissonance and chromaticism. Use the models studied in class to help you.


Notes update
Please update your Development of the Symphony notes and resubmit on Moodle. You can find a list of what should be on there HERE (additions since last time in red)