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Welcome to New AS Students

Welcome to our new students. You will find information on this blog about most things 

Over the summer you were set some tasks:

  1. Complete AS Performance initial proposals for Thursday 5th September
  2. Complete the Short History of Music task for your first music lesson
  3. Brush up on your basic theory (Keys, Chords and Cadences in particular)
  4. Buy a ring binder and a pack of dividers
  5. Make sure your instrument is in good working order
  6. Go through the list of key dates with your parents and make sure they are in diaries

[PS: don’t worry about the stuff below this post in our archive – it is all from the current AS year]

Year 12 Anthology

All year 12 music students need to pay for an anthology by Friday 13th. A letter for your parents was given out during induction before the summer (copy of letter) – the cost is £27, which needs to be taken down to registry. You will get a receipt.

Summer Tasks (New Students)

We hope you found the Welcome to College Day informative. This post is a reminder of the tasks we have set you to do, along with links to resources you might need to complete them:

If you have any questions at all you can either reply to this post (you will have to create an account to do so) or email Tom Pankhurst (tompankhurst@kedst.ac.uk)