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Year 13 half term homework

Composition (due Wednesday 28th February)

Please fill out the relevant composition log (most of you are doing OPTION A). I have given guidance enclosed in brackets as shown <guidance> – this needs to be replaced with your text.

Area of Study E (due Monday 26th February )

Please use the booklet plus the scores, notes and readings on Moodle to complete the following task.

Create your own revision booklet or series of posters that put the Core AoS E listening works (those in the paper booklet) in context and compare them in terms of STRUCTURE and HARMONY/TONALITY. The comparisons themselves would work well in some sort of visual format whether that be a table, spider diagram or whatever.

Year 13 HW w/c 5th Feb

!!!Homework is COMPOSING!!!

I would like both of your pieces in on Moodle on Thursday 15th and a printed copy of the Composition 1 (WCT). In addition you must please fill out a cover sheet for both pieces of work and either print it off or attach it on Moodle. You can use this coversheet template if you wish or use your own, but it must explain the structure (including the narrative for any film scores) and mention main influences. If you want feedback in the meantime, please email me your file and questions.



Year 13 HW w/c 29th January

WCT – due Monday 5th February

Please write an extended essay (i.e. longer than an exam essay – it can be a series of research notes, but must be properly written in proper sentences and with explanation etc.) on the topic of harmony and tonality in the development of the symphony. You should NOT talk about Haydn 104, but include the Mendelssohn.

The idea is for you comprehensively to refresh and update your knowledge of the symphony by going back to the Development of the Symphony notes using harmony and tonality as the focus.


Year 13 HW w/c 22nd Jan.


Please make sure that focus on handing in your COMPOSITION TWO this week on Tuesday 30th


Year 13 HW w/c 8th January

Please prepare for your mocks next week!

  • Monday: Music Theatre Listening and Haydn Short Answer
  • Wednesday: Into the Twentieth Century
  • Thursday: Western Classical Tradition Essay

Please also hand in composition work, commenting what you have done to it in the online comments box.

w/c 2nd January

Please submit compositions on Moodle by end of Tuesday:

– corrections on Composition 1

– composition 2 if you did not submit before OR you have made some progress!

Make sure you revise for test week after next – details in last homework below.

Xmas Homework

WCT (for first day back after Xmas)
Please complete the following essay:

“Discuss how composers have used music to convey humour, drama and narrative in the symphony from 1750-1820”

I would like this essay to follow the same format as an exam essay (i.e. some earlier works, Haydn 104 and Mendelssohn then some later works) but I would like you to develop the essay so that it is longer than it would normally be. In other words, I want lots of detail on the Haydn and then as many wider listening works as are relevant. I would talk about the way in which Classical music can make drama and humour by playing with expectations then how the Romantics develop much more dramatic and narrative music. You must talk about Beethoven and Berlioz before moving onto later Romantics.

Revise for a Mock on everything we have done so far:

You will need to know:

  • Haydn 104 all four movements
  • Poulenc
  • Debussy
  • WCT Essay Questions (topics covered up until now in years 12 and 13: B, C, D, F, G H & L – it will definitely be one of those)

There will also be musicals questions but NOT AoS E Wider Listening

You should try the

Please review chord labelling etc. and complete the following quiz on Moodle at least ONCE:

Basic Diatonic Chord Labelling (5 random questions)

Review your knowledge of the Haydn and complete the following quiz on Moodle at least ONCE:

Haydn Minuet Questions (five random short questions plus a 5-marker)