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Year 13 Homework w/c 9th October

Composition (Portfolio Submission 1)

Please submit on Moodle by the end of FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER. In addition, you must submit a new copy of the composition submission pro forma AND type up briefly how your composition is going and what your plans are in the online text submission box. This submission is a formal requirement of your Eduqas coursework.

WCT (for next WEDNESDAY 18th October)

Write an essay on the following title (in the exam you will have 30-40 minutes):

Discuss how composers have changed in their approach to writing Minuet and Trio / Third movements in symphonies written between 1750 and 1900. You should refer to both set works and a range of other relevant symphonies from the Classical and Romantic eras. [15 marks]


  • around at least one third of the essay should be taken up with detailed discussion of the set works including bar numbers and the rest should consist of brief references to other relevant works
  • don’t give the impression that these are THE key works of the era – they are representative of wider trends
  • include a short introduction and conclusion
  • remember to use the notes on development of the symphony


Year 13 Homework w/c 2nd October

Composition (Moodle Submission on Tuesday)

Please crack on with this remembering to do the following each time you start to compose

  • review your inclusion of WCT fingerprints
  • review your use of varied textures
  • listen to one of the core WCT string quartet examples on Moodle and try and take one idea as inspiration

AoS E (C20)
Next week (on THURSDAY) we will have a mini test reviewing your knowledge of the Debussy from the end of last year and Poulenc from this. Please make sure you update your scores and do some revision.

Year 13 Homework w/c 25th September

AoS A (for Monday 2nd October)

Write an essay discussing the development of the orchestra and of first movement / sonata forms from Stamitz up to and including Haydn Symphony 104. You can write two short essays or one integrated one. You can use existing notes but please make sure you also use the new development of the symphony notes online and make reference to the pieces listed there.

Composition (for Tuesday 3rd October)

Do some work on transitions, extensions and codettas. You must prioritise including ALL of the WCT Fingerprints (linked to from here) in your composition.

Please fill in WCT Weekly log and update each week to upload to Moodle.

Year 13 HW w/c 18th Sept.

Composition (for Tuesday 26th by the end of the day)

This is really the main priority at the moment. Make sure you use the models provided on Moodle and get at least a second subject done plus improvements to your first. Getting a Codetta written too would be even better. Remember to look at the wide range of String Quartet textures available here on alevelmusic – there are two whole pages of varied examples to look at and listen to.

Get organized with your recital – get the Performance Programme Submission form done as soon as possible.

Year 13 HW w/c 11th September


Listen to the exposition of first movement of the Mendelssohn (at the end of the WCT topic) with the score and consider where the First subject, transition, second subject and codetta might be. When you have had a think yourself, feel free to see what the wisdom of the internet has to say on the subject and see if you agree. Please make sure you have done this before next Monday – we will begin the lesson with a discussion of this with no preparation time – I will pick on people at random so make sure you are ready!

Composition (Due by the end of TUESDAY 19th September)

You need to type up some bullet points outlining the main models for your piece and what you are taking from them and upload on Moodle along with an initial idea for first subject or whatever.

AoS E (Twentieth Century) – For THURSDAY 21st September

Make sure you have listened to the Poulenc Second Movement with the score (you have the score – the track is on Moodle)

Year 13 Easter Homework

You must complete 2011 and any others you do will be beneficial

You should revise and complete a range of essay questions on from the practice ones provided. You can do a mixture of bullet points and full essays. I will happily go over any work you have done after Easter.

Year 13 Homework 13th March


Remember: Interim deadline NEXT Week

Final deadline for Draft before Easter


Applied and Instrumetal

Essay: Compare Harmony and Melody in Corelli, Sweelinck and Ram Narayan