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6 – Workshops

Workshops 2017/18
This is the usual pattern of workshops for this year with workshops this week marked in green. Workshops are mostly drop-in and composition in these final weeks of the summer term. I have removed year 13 workshops now that they have finished their exam.

Time Subject This week (w/c 9th Oct.)
Monday 10. Catch-up sessions (booked in advance)  
Tuesday 11.25  Year 12 Targeted workshops Melody homework feedback (by invitation)
Wednesday 2:55 Extra Composition Help (supervised study session)
Thursday 11.25 Composition workshop Year 12 11:25 Four-part cadence help (by invitation and open to all)

12:00 Help with circle of fifths task

Thursday 12.30 Year 13 Themed workshops
(topics published weekly)
Development of Symphony: Minuets
Friday 11.25 Composition workshop Year 13  COLLEGE CLOSED
Friday 12.30   Year 12 Themed workshops
(topics published weekly)

* Themed workshops are announced in advance and are on topics related to set works, history and analysis.

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