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4 – A2 Handbook (Edexcel)

Click on the links below to view PDF extracts from the music handbook

Curriculum Information and Resources

Edexcel A2 Specification (overview of current Edexcel syllabus)

Unit 4 – Performance   (assessment, deadlines and advice)

Unit 5 – Composition (assessment, deadlines and advice)

Unit 5 – Bach Chorale (assessment, deadlines and advice) (Moodle “Can I just ask …” – if you are stuck doing a homework ask on here)

ChoraleGUIDE (website for A2 harmony)

Double SLAP and Harmony DOs and DON’Ts

Unit 6 – Exam (assessment, deadlines and advice)

Comparison questions (for Instrumental Essay)

Appendix 2 Choral and Vocal Genres

General Reference and Glossaries

Basic Theory (some explanations of nuts and bolts such as keys, chords and cadences)

GSMIRTH Overview (the main elements of musical analysis in brief)

GSMIRTH Glossary (explanations of key musical terms arranged according to GSMIRTH mnemonic)

Composition Reference (instrument ranges, metronome marks, common practice, score presentation)

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